the ~sassy starter’s kit: a step-by-step guide to the successful shipping of a moose and an angel

Sastiel, Sassy, Samstiel, that one ship with the great hair, however you might call it, it’s fucking glorious.

A question that pops up often from SPN fans who are foreign to the idea is: “Why!?”

Well. Misha can’t answer that question any clearer than this:


…and vice versa. (source)

It might not be the biggest ship to sail this fandom’s ocean per say, but they’re a great dynamic pair. And man, if you ain’t in on it, you’re missing out.

Successfully burning through my entire weekend, I’ve managed to compile this huge master post of sorts for all those have just begun to ship em’ and also for those who are still tentatively testing the waters. Now, I don’t go in to an in-depth analysis or anything about the intricacies of this ship; this is most certainly not a meta post.

The purpose of this post is to make it easier for the newer shippers to navigate around and to provide additional research material for fic writers. And to hopefully persuade some people in to jumping on the bandwagon too.

Under the cut, I’ve provided an easy 5-step guide to help you succeed in your Sastiel shipping endeavors. 

and with that, let’s dive right in shall we?

S T E P  1  :
Watch the canon!

Let’s do some research. We’re starting with the very basics: the canon.

I’ve compiled a list of scenes and episodes of their various interactions with each other, both the good and the bad, from season 4 to now. No matter how insignificant the scene, I’ve put them on to the list. Remember: it’s those little things that count. Feel free to message me if you find any more to add. Interpret them however you want, over-analyze them, write some deep meta, etc. Go crazy. 

4.07It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester scene
Sam meets Cas for the very first time 

4.16On The Head of a Pin | scene
Sam saves Cas from Alastair

5.01 | No Sympathy for the Devil | scene
Sam: Stupid? He was trying to help us 

5.10Abandon All Hope | scene
Castiel: (to Lucifer) You’re not taking Sam Winchester. I won’t let you.

5.13The Song Remains the Same | scene scene scene
Castiel: Anna, we’ve been through much together, but you come near Sam Winchester and I’ll kill you. | Castiel: Anna will keep trying. She won’t give up until Sam is dead. So we kill her first. | Sam (and eventually Dean) catches Cas when he faints from exhaustion

5.14My Bloody Valentine | scene scene
Sam and Castiel (plus Dean) sit next to each other in a booth while waiting for Cupid | Sam desperately cries out for Cas (and Dean) while he suffers from withdrawals of demon blood

5.1699 Problems | scene scene scene
Castiel: I found a liquor store. | Sam and Cas sit on the same couch while talking about Babylonian whores. | Castiel: I don’t understand. Why, why do you want me to say my name?

5.18 | Point of No Return | scene
Sam asks Cas if he’s okay

5.21Two Minutes to Midnight | scene scene
Sam tells Cas his plan to take on Lucifer | Sam, Cas and Bobby commit an ‘act of domestic terrorism.’

5.22 | Swan Song | scene
Sam says goodbye to Cas before he goes off to take on Lucifer

6.03 | The Third Man | scene
Sam: He’s right behind me isn’t he? (aka the scene where Sam got a little jealous of Dean and Cas’s ‘profound bond’) 

6.07 | Family Matters | scene
Cas ‘diagnoses’ Sam and finds he has no soul.

6.10 | Caged Heatscene scene
Sam: I need your help | Castiel: I want him to survive.

6.11 | Apointment in Samarra | scene
Balthazar suggests Sam should ask his boyfriend for angel advice

6.12 | Like a Virgin | scene scene
Sam’s initial reaction when he finds out Cas is still alive | Castiel: Sam. It’s so good to see you alive (cue the awkward not-hug) 

6.18 | Frontierland | scene
Sam: Dean, look at him. He’s fried 

6.19 | Mommy Dearest | scene
Sam: I think you hurt his feelings (also they’re, once again, sitting in the same side of the booth) 

6.20The Man Who Would Be King | scene scene
Sam: Look, Dean, he’s our friend, too, okay? And I’d die for him. I would | Sam: Did you bring me back soulless on purpose?

6.21 | Let it Bleed | scene
Sam: I’m begging you

6.22 | The Man Who Knew Too Much | scene scene
Castiel breaks Sam’s wall | Sam stabs Cas in the back. Literally.

7.01 | Meet the New Boss | scene scene scene scene
Sam calls out for Cas when he hallucinates | As Dean loses faith, Sam continues to believe that Cas is “in there somewhere” | Sam: I still think you’re one of us | Castiel: Sam. I heard your call.

7.17 | The Born-Again Identity | scene
Castiel: I should never have broken your wall, Sam. I’m here to make it right.

7.21 | Reading is Fundamental | scene scene
Sam: I know you never did anything but try to help. I realize that, Cas, and I’m grateful. We’re all grateful. And we’re gonna help you get better, okay? No matter what it takes. | Sam says Cas’s name in a very meaningful way; Cas hugs both Sam and Dean in greeting

7.23 | Survival of the Fittestscene 
Castiel: Please accept this sandwich as a gesture of solidarity 

8.01 | We Need To Talk About Kevin | scene
Sam: What about Cas? 

8.07 | A Little Slice of Kevin scene scene
Sam is elated that Cas is back | Sam and Cas share a look during a strained conversation between Dean and Cas (op: i might be misinterpreting this as he might be staring out of the window rather than at Sam?)

8.08 | Hunteri Heroici scene scene scene
Sam is amused when Cas says he wants to be a hunter & refuses to let him ride shotgun | Dean (to Sam and Cas): No flirting you two | Sam and Cas work together & are transported in to Fred’s head

8.10 | Torn and Frayed scene scene scene
Castiel poofs right beside Sam | Castiel gives Sam an angel blade | Sam asks Cas if he’s ok

 | Goodbye Stranger | scene scene scene
Cas shows up and saves Sam | Sam: Where the hell have you been? | Cas: Sam, you’re damaged in ways even I can’t heal

8.22 | Clip Show scene scene
Cas visits the bunker; Dean ignores him and he chats with Sam | Sam tells Dean to go easy on Cas


S T E P  2  :
Read the essentials

And by essentials I mean the brilliant meta essays written by multitudes of Sastiel shippers with big hearts and even bigger words. Read em’! They’re brilliant.

Sassy (any context) is such a great relationship/friendship/ship/whatever
"The boys connect to different people, and to me, Sam seems to be the character on the show that understands his angel buddy more than anyone."
Why do I ship Sassy?
"Sastiel is a study in character development, just as much so as Destiel. With Sassy, we have the contrast between a messenger of God and Light pitting himself against an unwilling avatar of Lucifer and destruction."
In which I write a lengthy essay on the merits of Sassy/Sastiel
"I feel like the merit really comes from the similarities between the characters. Sam has been down this road before; he knows what it’s like to be alone, to seek power in dark places so that the world might be saved; to compromise all morals for the greater good. That’s something that Dean has never really done.  They both [Sam and Castiel] know what it’s like to be scorned by someone they invested everything in."
see this is a thing where i get my ‘star crossed lovers’ feels…
"but they keep reaching toward each other in the ways that they can, whether it’s castiel’s ‘you’re not taking sam winchester. i won’t let you’ or sam’s ‘i would die for him i would’ or the way cas tries to save sam from hell or sam trying to save cas from himself"
I guess this is like, why I ship Sam/Castiel, in one post.
"…especially now  that they have both gone through so much, Sam and Cas have become equals—they have fought together and suffered together and gone through the same traumas; they’re now equipped to understand each other really well."
There is potential here for a dynamic that is gut-wrenchingly beautiful and intense and wonderful…
"But to say that Sassy can only be a funny ship, that it’s something not to be taken seriously because it’s ~awkward and ~weird just means you’re only looking at what you want to see. It’s an incredibly endearing and heart-wrenching ship if you just sit and look at the dynamics of their personality."
"I know plenty of people say they can’t ship Sastiel after season six. But I ship Sastiel because of season six. It cemented their parallels. What Cas went through in season six/ the beginning of season seven is what Sam went through in season four/ the beginning of season five. Almost play by play."
compilation of canon scenes (plus commentary!)
even more sassy moments
A few reasons why Cas and Sam are more alike than any two people on this show…
and more in our meta tag

S T E P  3  :
Bask in the glory that is fanwork.

The SPN fandom in general is a goldmine for excellent fanwork. There are some crazy talented people, and it’s definitely worth checking out. Seriously, the fanfic is second to none, the fanart is breathtaking, and the fanvids are superior.

Not that i mean to brag, but y’know. 

So here’s a list of various fanfics, fanart, fanvids, and fanmixes that I absolutely adore:
must-read fanfics:
with nothing (left) up my sleeve | nc-17 | humor & angst | 9040 word count

Alas, FML 
| pg-13 | humor | 3338 words

blue oblivion | not rated | 250k + word count (please do not let the word count scare you off, this is probably the best fic collab ever. it’s glorious.)

Plant Pathologists vs. Zombie Lawyers | pg-13 | AU & humor | 7294 word count

Between the Stitches | explicit | 17356 word count

Deep In | explicit | angst | 10881 word count

after the end ‘verse | r to explicit | angst

When The Gods Wish To Punish Us, They Answer Our Prayers | explicit | 3000 word count

Reel Me in Before I Fall Out of Line | explicit | fuck-or-die curse | 3313 word count

avoiding the light

maybe i can be saved

"i need help…"

with you 

first time for everything

9th grade


fanmix tag 
(at sastielweek)

check out the LJ communities, sassy_otp and sam-castiel
more darker themed fics recced here at spnroundtable
and more in our fic rec tag, fanvid tag

S T E P  4 :
get out and explore 

There are many other places (other than sassy-times) to check out to help you fulfill your sassy related needs.

fuckyeahsassy @tumblr
sastielweek @tumblr
fyeahsastiel @tumblr

sam-castiel @livejournal
sassy-otp @livejournal
sassy_minibang @livejournal

sam/castiel tag @ao3
sam/castiel tag @spnstoryfinders

S T E P  5  :
Share and contribute!

So now that you’ve done your research, how about you go create some of your own fanwork? Jot down a headcanon, make a graphic, write a story! do whatever your little hearts desire. Contribute to the sastiel tag in any way you possibly can. We’ll be more than glad to welcome you in to the family. 

some ways to show your love:
  • write a headcanon
  • write a fanfic
  • write some meta
  • draw something
  • prompt/write something sassy on the kink meme
  • create a graphic
  • make a fanvid
  • compile a fanmix
  • participate in activities at sastielweek
  • participate in the sassy-minibang
  • write a sonnet 
  • choreograph an interpretive dance
  • name your second born after sassy
* and as you go along your merry way remember the golden rule: RESPECT ALL THE SHIPS. This is harped upon multiple times, but it’s a thing that must be said.
Ship wars are unnecessary. So don’t bash, don’t tag your hate, and be friendly. Every ship is a legitimate ship and there shan’t be war amongst the fandom.

If you’ve read that all that, congratulations. if you skimmed, completely understandable.

The point I meant to bring across this whole mess: ship it! Ship Sassy in every way possible. Ship them however you want, platonically or romantically. Stick em’ in a coffee shop au.  Make them something so intricately dark, and make it hurt in all the good places. Make them your star-crossed lovers, or, hell, even a romantic comedy duo. 

It’s a completely versatile pairing with a lot of room to stretch and with so very much potential. Give it a chance to grow on you, and it can turn out to be something really beautiful.

With that said, go forth and spread the good news that is Sassy!

*if you were one of those people that were hoping to be persuaded by this mildly ridiculous post and are still not convinced, then I feel bad for you son, I’ve got 99 problems but a Sassy shipper ain’t one
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